An innovative music making web app

Toneroll is an open-source musically intelligent web application, introducing the first real-time music transcription system on the web. It is able to simplify the creative process and turn songwriting into an easy task by instantly converting your live music performance into music notation.

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Prototype Version

Check out our demo version and get excited about what’s to come on the official release.

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Music making made easy

You never know when that magic moment of the perfect new idea will come around again. Toneroll frees you up to just play your instrument and lets you focus on your music. All you have to do is to select your device’s microphone and start composing.

Real-time Transcription

The system transcribes any live music performance so you can convert your ideas into music notation, instantly.

Piano Roll Notation

Midi piano roll grid is the most modern and “easy to use” representation of pitch, length and velocity of the notes.

Midi Editing

Finalize your composition by editing the rendered notes bringing your initial idea into completion.

Score and midi export

Utilize your musical idea through any music software such as Ableton Live, Finale etc. or share it with anyone.


Keep track of your ideas anywhere using a pc, tablet or even a smartphone.


Toneroll is a web app, meaning that you can use it without download anything.

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